SEO and Social Media are not Dead, Just Your Imagination

Time to vent…
Disclaimer:  This post is based on my opinion and  the opinion of other SEO experts I’ve spoken to.
Navigating online I have come across several articles that dramatize an idea that “­SEO or Social Media are Dead” or “lets change or remove a certain term from our vocabulary” articles. They are scandalous, intriguing and annoying all in one.
A great way to generate controversy is to create a contradicting article, and point … [ Read More ]

Max’s Impact On Google+

Our Seo Specialist, Donnie Strompf is known in the office as a very loquacious and rambunctious character. However, we noticed that a strange phenomena occurs every Thursday from 1 PM PST that keeps him silently glued to his yoga ball. This brought concern and got us wondering. What is so intriguing that posses him to quietly look at the screen with his headphones? After investigating, we discovered he was “Hanging” out on Google+ with Max Minzer.
Who is Max?
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Google+ Community: Creating, Sharing and Growing

Now that the waters have calmed and the Google+ communities hype has reduced, we can analyze the benefits of how as users we can gain value from it.
Like many of us out there, I’ve received dozens of invites to be part of numerous communities. I’ve joined a few; mostly to be informed on that certain topic and network with the experts who are in them. It’s a well-known fact that Google+ can play an essential role in your networking & … [ Read More ]

SEO Miami, What is Online Marketing?

Over the past few years, we’ve all seen the drastic changes to the Search Engine Optimization landscape. With this evolution the necessity of effective Internet Marketing strategies has increased quite a bit. Companies have realized the importance of the marketing their business on the web and are competing (rather aggressively) for the top 3 positions in Google’s organic rankings. As a matter of fact, most organizations can adopt Internet marketing and online advertising strategies to generate added business, which translates … [ Read More ]

Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned

This is a guest blog post by Boticca are one jewelry brand who have been doing notably well on two social media platforms in particular. And as we all know the importance of the role that social media has in business has snowballed in recent years.   The brand decided it would be a good idea to make the most of the data at their finder tips. In an aim to further understand how users of different social media platforms act, … [ Read More ]

What Makes Content Go Viral?

social media
Great content is KING! So many people are focused on the Return on their social media campaign, that they often forget what social media is really about. Relationships and True Connections. Relationships through social media sites are often built through the types of content that is posted.
Companies love to talk about themselves, what the company is doing, what new sale they have going on, who they’ve hired, blah, blah, blah. But therein lies no power. … [ Read More ]

Lights. Camera. Increased Web Traffic.

As you have probably already noticed, videos and pictures has taking over social media. Pintererst, Vimeo, and Instagram have been kicking butt recently.  Small businesses and Internet Marketing firms are smiling from ear to ear because they love every bit of increased web traffic!

 We mentioned a few weeks back, “Introduction To Pinterest ” how Pinterest’s popularity skyrocketed and has become the second most popular social media site.   Out of nowhere, Pinterest’s beat Myspace and … [ Read More ]

Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest Business Networking
First Facebook, then Twitter, and now a whole new social network has created a splash. This social network has gone from one million active users to an astonishing five million in 6 months. I present to you, Pinterest. This social network is fairly easy to use and once you finish reading this post you will have a pretty good idea of what it is, and why it created … [ Read More ]

7 Successful Facebook Tips.

In todays market, social networks are becoming a very big part of user interaction. People like buying when they can trust, and with social networking, friends are the ones selling! People like to buy things that their friends refer to them and this is fact.
10 Facebook Tips
1. Facebook Business Page – Create a business account within Facebook, be sure to see how you competitors built theirs, so … [ Read More ]

Will Social Media determine our next President? Part 2

As predicted, the social media is being utilized by the Social Network – Presidential Campaign Style. Republican Tim Pawlenty “T-Paw” started his campaign on Facebook letting all his “friends” know of his presidential dreams and goals. Pawlenty has even created a mobile website, live streaming videos to Facebook and awarding badges to his supporters.
The candidates plan to use the Internet for a much greater White House campaign than we’ve ever seen, communicating directly with voters and supporters connected to their … [ Read More ]