Fixing the SEO Name and Cleaning up SERPs

Many SEO’s believe that with the evolution of the SEO industry the name should change. I have encountered people with name ideas such as: agile marketing, inbound marketing, online marketing solutions, and so on.  These so called “innovators” believe that just because the rules change so does the game. Here are a few reasons that may change that viewpoint.

white hat vs black hat

The name of the game is SEO and that’s no going to change. … [ Read More ]

7 Ways to Avoid Being Banned from Search Engines

The average Joe & Mary won’t have a clue what “Search Engine Spamming” is, but we are going to change that right now. How can someone spam the search engines (S.E.)? Easy! One way is to create pages specifically to trick the search engines into offering inaccurate, redundant and poor-quality search rankings. The S.E.’s will penalize your site by blacklisting it or drastically decreasing your placement. Both of these punishments should be avoided by any means necessary. How do you … [ Read More ]