Landing Page Design

Custom Landing Page Design

Allow us to custom build your next landing page template. Landing pages are single “Splash” pages designed to gather marketing information from your potential customers such as names, emails, telephone numbers, and reasons for contacting. We will design a landing page for you that resembles your company , your product, and deliver a solid “Call To Action” to your visitors. This will assist in turning those visitors into customers!

The benefits of having a strategically designed landing page template is that it will provide you with additional presence on the Internet in conjunction with your main website. It’s a great SEO strategy to have multiple websites with different domains for your market. Think of it this way, its like having a multiple cyber fish nets, representing the landing pages & your main website or have one cyber fish net representing only your main site fishing for website traffic. Now, can you see why having multiple well organic search engine optimized websites gives you a better chance of being discovered by your potential customers? The potential is limitless of how much traffic and re-occurring business you’ll be able to generate!

Another option that we have is to build you a micro site (mini website). The difference between a micro-site and a landing page is that a micro-site will have multiple pages (2-8 pages on average) within a particular website and the latter will have one. We build micro-sites for clients that are looking to saturate the Google results with their website; each micro site is constructed around a keyword/key phrase, for search engine optimization purposes. If you would like to learn more, please give us a call or fill out the Quote Form on the left side of the page.